Rajesh Agrawal
Chairman, Founder and CEO RationalFX

“Congratulations to you on this much needed initiative and I am glad to be a part of it. It is hard to imagine that only a century ago women had very little political rights. We have come a long way since, but much more needs to be done worldwide. I wish the very best to WE and hope that it will prove to be a milestone in the history of women empowerment.”

Rukhsana Ali
Venus TV Global Ltd

“It is a great honor to be considered as a Women Empowered ‘Champion.’ WE is a worthy organization that has had my full support from the beginning. A cause that inspires females to reach their true potential and overcome whatever hurdles they may encounter. I hope all involved in WE can use it as a platform to progress towards sexual equality, abolishment of prejudice and a path to success.”

Nina Amin
Diversity Ambassador

“I am honoured to be asked to be a champion for Women Empowered and everything that they are seeking to achieve. Women play a vital role in the economy and in the workplace while often having to balance the needs of their families. It is therefore essential that women have the support, encouragement and networking opportunities to meet with like minded people who can help them on their journey to great things. Our achievements over the last decade have been immense and yet there is still so much to achieve so I am delighted to champion this worthy cause!”

Sunny & Shay Grewal
Broadcasters and Presenters at BBC WM and BBC London

“I have never looked at Shay as anything other than my Equal. As her husband I encourage her to achieve all that she wants as an Independent woman as through that our relationship grows and we remain one. Women are integral to my life and I believe that a woman can achieve anything she sets her mind to – I see it daily with Shay. In fact she is my inspiration to strive to work harder to achieve our goals. It is imperative for us as a society to appreciate the value of a Woman not just as a mother or a friend but someone who is Independent and can Achieve whatever she wants. This can only happen through Empowering and Educating Women. Shay and I are therefore delighted to champion a cause which endeavours tirelessly to do just that!”

Cllr Lurline Champagnie OBE
Chairman, Harrow West Conservative Association
Councillor Pinner Ward, London Borough of Harrow
Harrow Mayor (2004/5)

“I am excited to be involved as a “Champion” of WE. As a patriotic and common sense politician I have been vocal in my opposition to political correctness as a divisive force and advocated a new inclusive approach “The Cosmopolitan Community” during my nomination for the Mayor of London Candidacy 2008. I was appointed to the Government Equalities Department as a BAME taskforce member and awarded the OBE for services to Local Government and Diversity January 2010. I have served as Councillor of London Borough of Harrow since 1986 and received my 25 years long service recognition in May last year. I was Mayor of Harrow 2004/5 and runner up in the Mayor of the year of Great Britain award. I am a Conservative member of both National and European Groups which work to increase the representation of women particularly ethnic minority woman in politics. A prominent Parliamentarian wrote “ Lurline track record is one of professional and political service and success through hard work.”

Cllr. Mrs Mimi Harker OBE
Mayor of Amersham, Amersham Town Council
Cabinet Member Responsible for Community, Young People, Communications,
Sports & Leisure, Chiltern District Council
Parliamentary Candidate 2005

“When I first got involved in politics, it was a happy accident. I didn’t realise that all you needed was a passion for your community and a deep desire to make a difference. Until I was first elected in 1999, I believed it was a job for ‘other’ people with specialist qualifications in this field. The opportunities that I have been presented with over the years and which I have taken, have helped me to achieve things I never imagined I could or would. Working as part of the BAME Cross-Party Task Force was one of the most satisfying roles I have ever taken on, as it gave me the opportunity to share my experiences and to encourage more women from ethnic minority backgrounds to get involved in public life. Helping and supporting women to succeed and achieve their full potential is very close to my personal aims and Women Empowered is a positive step to enable women to achieve their ambitions and goals with confidence and I am delighted to share my experiences and to be a champion for this group.”

Dr Kamel K Hothi
Business & Community Director
Lloyds Bank – Group Corporate Affairs

“Congratulations to you on this much needed initiative and I am glad to be a part of it. It is hard to imagine that only a century ago women had very little political rights. We have come a long way in since, but much more need to be done worldwide. I wish the very best to WE and hope that it will prove to be a milestone in the history of women empowerment.”

Tasmin Lucia-Khan
News Anchor and TV Host

“Educate a woman, and you change a family, a society. Educate women and you educate an entire nation. I am honoured to be a Women Empowered champion because women really are extraordinary.”

Kanya King MBE
Entrepreneur, Public Speaker and CEO/Founder of MOBO Organisation

“So pleased to be supporting an organisation that encourages and promotes female empowerment. What I love about WE is that it recognises the diversity in women. Our needs are not all the same. We don’t all want to start up our own businesses, or to acquire fame and fortune, but who doesn’t want to reach their full potential? For WE to be providing a supportive platform in which to explore, discover, network, gain confidence, be inspired and flourish is invaluable”

Seema Malhotra MP
Member of Parliament for Feltham and Heston

“My congratulations to all involved on the launch of Women Empowered. WE has the potential to change the lives of so many women for the better – giving them the courage, confidence and networks to achieve their ambitions and juggle work and family in new and creative ways. At a time when the percentage of women on the boards of the UK’s 100 largest-listed companies is still only 15.6%, and the UK still ranks approx 60th in the world for the percentage of women in Parliament (22%), we still have a long way to go to see women valued and empowered in the workplace and society. As Britain’s newest female MP, I will certainly do all I can to support WE’s excellent work to see more women come forward in business and public life, changing their own lives and changing the world for the better.”

Ruby McGregor-Smith CBE
Chief Executive

“As the only Asian female Chief Executive in the FTSE250, and running a company that aspires to join the FTSE 100, I know how important it is that people of all backgrounds have the opportunity to reach their potential. I really believe that MITIE’s success is a direct result of the collective experiences, talent, perspectives, cultures and unique attributes of our people.  As part of this, attracting future female talent is of key importance. We are always working hard to create a culture where differences are not merely accepted, but valued; where everyone has the opportunity to develop themselves and reach their potential.”

Natasha Mudhar
CEO & MD of Sterling Media

“I am honoured to be a part of Women Empowered (WE) and to have the opportunity to champion and promote a cause that is intrinsic to my professional and personal life. Coming from a family where my mother is the sole breadwinner, I have complete admiration for women who against all odds, strive to fulfill multiple roles and duties – they are the real she-roes. However not all women have the opportunity to realise their potential and thus networks such as WE are key to inspiring women across all generations, cultures and social backgrounds. WE believes a woman is the full circle and that within her she has the power to create, nurture and transform in all aspects of society. The WE platform provides an extraordinary foundation to do only that as it not only empowers the women of today but also our future.”

Anjali Pathak
Chef and food writer

“When I heard about Women Empowerment I knew I wanted to be involved. Networking has become part of our lives, and it’s not always easy finding time to connect with others professionally or socially, not to mention connecting with the right people. WE is the perfect opportunity to be able to meet women who are excelling in their field, and who are happy to share their words of wisdom.”

Alpesh Patel
Co-author, ‘Our Turn: The ultimate start-up guide for female entrepreneurs’
Former Visiting Fellow in Business, Corpus Christi College, Oxford
Founder Praefinium Partners

“To call woman the weaker sex is a libel; it is man’s injustice to woman. If by strength is meant brute strength, then, indeed, is woman less brute than man. If by strength is meant moral power, then woman is immeasurably man’s superior. Has she not greater intuition, is she not more self-sacrificing, has she not greater powers of endurance, has she not greater courage? Without her, man could not be. If nonviolence is the law of our being, the future is with woman. Who can make a more effective appeal to the heart than woman?” – I wish I’d said it, but it was another fellow Gujarati – MK Gandhi – who spoke these wise words.”

Priti Patel
MP, Member of Parliament for Witham

“Women can aspire to be anything they wish. I would like to thank Women Empowered for the excellent work they do to empower, encourage and inspire women everywhere to reach their full potential and succeed”.

Rishi Rich
Song Writer / Music Producer / Artist Management

“Everyone who know me knows the main influences in my life are my mother and my wife. These women are empowered and are my pillars. They say behind every successful man there is a successful woman, I have two. I’ve really enjoyed being part of this organisation and even more so now as a champion. I wish it every success. Blessings.”

Kulveer Singh Ranger
Global City Adviser
Former Adviser to Mayor of London
Former Vice-Chairman of The Conservative Party (Cities)

“I am proud and privileged to champion Women Empowered. Mothers, sisters, wife and daughters all help men to grow, believe in ourselves and achieve our dreams. It is fantastic that WE aims to inspire women by learning from the experiences of others, to challenge perceptions and break through barriers. This initiative not only helps women, it will help all of us.”

Kiran Sharma
Managing Director of KIKIT Ltd and Manager to singer Prince

“I firmly support the efforts of WE. We all too easily forget the important role that women play in shaping, society, family and business and the amazing contribution we make to the world. I remember when I decided to go it alone it was the words of encouragement telling me to keep going at all times and I am proud of all that I have been able to do. I am honoured to be able to champion this cause.”