What WE Are About

WE is a social initiative which aims to empower women to make the best of their individual skills and talents and help them to achieve whatever personal and professional goals they have.  We work at a grass roots level, trying to ensure we are easily accessible to all who would like to reach us.

WE is open to all, even men.  Men are 50% of the population and need to be a part of the discussion so that we can effect change, to our own worlds and the larger one.

WE is open to all women although we have a slight South Asian focus.  We encourage mothers to bring their daughters and everyone to bring their sisters and friends.

WE aims to:

ENGAGE more women in discussion;

ENCOURAGE fresh and varied thinking and perspective;

EMPOWER women to find the inner confidence to take the next step;

ENABLE and support them through the journey by putting them in touch with organisations that can nurture their ideas and mentors who can assist in achieving those goals;

To create a powerful and exciting network for women to link up and help each other.