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All submissions should be between 400-700 words. They can be written in the first person where appropriate. They will be edited for content to ensure suitability. Please ensure they are verified with source if it contains factual content. If the topic is personal then please ensure that you have been mindful of others where appropriate and ensure your account is as accurate as possible. Articles submitted will be chosen at the discretion of the editor. Please also be sure to include a photo and your name as you would like to be credited (title / position etc if applicable)

2018 GRIT Topics

JAN – Happy New Year
This year become a GRIT contributor. Visit http://www.womenempowered.co.uk/upcoming-grit-topics/ to find out more.

FEBRUARY – WE speaker event
Don’t miss this month’s WE speaker event. Visit http://www.womenempowered.co.uk/events/

MARCH – Life lessons I have learned
They say every life experience, good or bad, teaches us something. So, what have been your biggest ‘life lessons’? Would you approach or do anything differently in your personal or professional life knowing what you do now?  Share your ‘life lessons’ on any topic from relationships to health, career choices or starting a new business.

APRIL– What should we tell our children?
What are the biggest challenges facing parents today? Has parenting changed from when you were growing up? Do you believe there are different ‘rules’ for raising girls and boys? Share your views on parenting and what you think is the most important advice to pass on to our sons and daughters.

MAY – WE event
Don’t miss this month’s WE speaker event.  More details to follow.

JUNE – Health Awareness
Can you help raise awareness of any medical condition? Has your life been touched by a major illness such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease or mental health?  Please share your story, or health-related advice, so others can benefit from your experience.

JULY/AUG – SUMMER SPECIAL – Business know-how
Read our business advice, tips and success stories from our WE community.

SEPTEMBER – The world in which we live
What is your passion? Do you champion the homeless, care for the environment, teach or share skills to help benefit others? Are you involved in a charity, your local community or politics? Tell us how the world in which you live has shaped the person you have become and why you became involved in whatever cause you feel passionate about.

OCTOBER – WE event
Don’t miss this month’s WE speaker event.  More details to follow.

NOVEMBER – No-one ever talks about…
Please share your views and thoughts on any topic which you feel is not discussed often enough and that you would like to raise awareness of.

DECEMBER – Looking back on 2018
A review of our highlights over the past 12 months featuring our most popular 2018 contributors.

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